"Flicker" (Seconds) - Clare Hodgetts
"Flicker" (Seconds) - Clare Hodgetts

"Flicker" (Seconds) - Clare Hodgetts

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Size: 195cm x 100cm (77in x 39in)

"This image is a close up of the breast feathers of a Northern Flicker. I have always been fascinated by the intricacies of bird feathers – how hundreds and thousands of feathers line up to make such striking patterns. Several years ago, I had the wonderful experience of having access to the Museum of Nature’s bird collection and was able to take close up images of many bird feathers. That experience sparked a dream to print a bird feather pattern on a piece of clothing – making it into a wearable art piece. This beautiful scarf is the culmination of that dream.

Northern Flicker feathers are believed to bring good luck and healing – I hope that this scarf brings you both of these things."

Each scarf is produced from a custom milled fabric made from 100% recycled plastic and diverts 3 bottles from the waste stream. They are soft and flowy and feel beautiful around your neck. Only 200 scarves have been produced in this print as part of a First Edition. All scarves are sustainably produced and are developed and manufactured employing the highest ethical production standards.

10% of the sale price of each of Clare's 'Flicker' scarves is donated to the Canadian Wildlife Federation