"Anemones" (SECONDS) -  Jill Heinerth
"Anemones" (SECONDS) -  Jill Heinerth

"Anemones" (SECONDS) - Jill Heinerth

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Size: 70”x36.5” (177cmx92cm)

"Canada's cold oceans are teeming with an abundance of vibrant colours. In the unspoiled coastal waters of Labrador, a magnificent sight unfolds beneath the surface, where the sea floor becomes a kaleidoscope of glorious shades courtesy of countless sea anemones. Found in this remote aquatic habitat, sea anemones steadfastly anchor themselves to the sea floor, a necessity to withstand the relentless forces of the powerful tidal currents. In doing so, they secure their survival and embrace their role as filter-feeding organisms, ready to seize the opportunity presented by the ceaseless flow of passing nutrients."

Each scarf is produced from a custom-milled fabric made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and diverts 3 bottles from the waste stream. The scarves are soft and flowy and feel beautiful around your neck. They are sustainably produced here in Canada and are developed and manufactured employing the highest ethical production standards.

10% of the sale price of each of Jill’s ‘Anemones’ scarves is donated to the Swim Drink Fish.