"Bubbles" - Viktoria Haack
"Bubbles" - Viktoria Haack

"Bubbles" - Viktoria Haack

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Size: 195cm x 100cm (77in x 39in)

"Sunrise at Abraham Lake in Alberta.

This lake is famous for the methane gas that rises as bubbles from plants on the lake floor. Due to the winter temperatures, these bubbles freeze, and if conditions are right, they are visible as beautiful bubble formations trapped in the ice.

Abraham Lake is also well known for being extremely windy. This is the reason why the lake remains mostly snow-free.

It’s these unique conditions that draw me to the lake almost every winter. I’m excited to see what Mother Nature has in store for us each year. The shapes and textures of the ice and the patterns in it vary from year to year.

This image was taken on a January morning. The wind was howling and I was dressed for the Arctic with thick layers & crampons on my feet.

As always when I’m in this location, I spend lots of time searching the foreshore for different and unique ice formations and bubbles. On this particular morning, I was lucky to come across this wonderful shape. I was extra lucky to also experience one of the most vibrant sunrises I have ever seen.

Of all of my winter visits to Abraham so far, this counts as one of the best combinations of colour and ice formations that I’ve yet to experience. Of course, I will keep heading back every year to see what else Nature has in store for us!"

Each scarf is produced from a custom milled fabric made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and diverts 3 bottles from the waste stream. They are soft and flowy and feel beautiful around your neck. Only 200 scarves have been produced in this print as part of a First Edition. All scarves are sustainably produced and are developed and manufactured employing the highest ethical production standards.

10% of the sale price of each of Viktoria's 'Bubbles' scarves is donated to the Exposed Wildlife Conservancy