Clare Hodgetts



“I love the fact that you can capture a moment in time through a photograph” – this is something that has fascinated Clare Hodgetts her whole life.  She tinkered with cameras from an early age capturing things like her brother’s GI Joe figures mid-battle and any unsuspecting squirrels that scampered through the garden. Now she likes to push her photos further and works to inspire change and consciousness through photographic works and giving back to charity. 

She is the co-founder of InFocus Canada, along with Kemp Edwards. It is their second project after starting InFocus Vancouver in 2016. Clare also works as a Manager at Coast Mountain Photography in Whistler, BC, as well as running Mophoto Image Works, a company that specializes in fine art prints. 

Please visit to see more of Clare’s work.

Clare has chosen to support Pathways Clubhouse.
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