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Gah Ghin Skuss (Clarence Mills)

Gah Ghin Skuss (Clarence Mills)   Before Clarence Mills was born, his Grandmother told his mother that Clarence was destined to become a Haida carver – a prophecy that Clarence develops and fulfills on a daily basis.  At eighteen years old, he felt inspired by the culture of his ancestors and began to study the great Haida totems of argillite and cedar. He felt compelled to capture the traditional spirit of his culture through the development of his own art. With some guidance from his uncle, Doug Wilson (carver and author), he learned to seek out the simple, smooth flowing style of the Haida, while at the same time developing his own personalized style of intricate, meticulous, integrated artwork. Aspects...

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Owen Perry

Owen Perry CIRCA 1983 is the photography of Owen Perry, a 30 something visual designer and photographer based out of British Columbia, Canada. Specializing in landscape, travel and adventure, Owen's work borrows inspiration from the nostalgic qualities of film as well as Canadian cultural narratives owed to the Group of Seven, National Film Board of Canada (NFB), Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), and National Geographic. Although firmly rooted in the digital photography world, Owen treats post production and editing much like a film photographer might use chemicals in a dark room; treatment of light and colour is as important as initial capture itself, granting fuller expression over the story or feeling of a photograph. Owen's work has received acclaim from numerous...

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Dee Lippingwell

Dee Lippingwell   Dee Lippingwell is a self-taught photographer with forty years worth of experience shooting Rock 'n' Roll stars live in concert! From AC/DC to ZZ Top and everyone in between, Dee has felt the action in 'the pit' and has captured some of the finest moments in Rock 'n' Roll! It was her love of music that first propelled her into shooting local musicians back in the 70's. From there, she went on to capture some of the most famous rock stars and legends throughout the 80's and 90's and into the Millennium, capturing thousands of images of some of the world's greatest and most beloved music icons of our time.  It has been her great honor to...

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Kemp Edwards Kemp Edwards is the president of Ethical Profiling Ltd., a Canadian based company who consults, designs, produces and sources high performance, ethical, sustainable products for the corporate sector. Ethical profiling works directly with domestic and international suppliers and manufacturers to ensure social and environmental compliancy and to create ways to minimize environmental impact through innovative product design and production methods. Kemp is an avid ocean and snow sport enthusiast who has spent many years of his life travelling internationally. He is always looking for ways to generate awareness and revenue for causes and organizations he believes in. In Focus is Kemp's newest iteration on his path of "giving back". The scarves in Kemp's collection are a product of...

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Clare Hodgetts

Clare Hodgetts   Clare Hodgetts is an entrepreneur and photographer who is inspired to bring art to people through new and innovative mediums that showcase the work of outstanding photographers. This vision led her to co-found InFocus Canada with Kemp Edwards – a project that raises money for charity through the sale of premium scarves made of recycled material showcasing images from professional photographers. Clare has spent many years travelling the world working mainly with birds – from nine trips to the High Arctic of Canada to ventures to the southern tip of South America, as well as Iceland, Central America, Southeast Asia and India. The varied landscapes and wildlife, as well as different cultures and people, all provide inspiration for her...

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