Tiare Boyes

Tiare is an underwater photographer/videographer, commercial diver, and marine debris artist from Vancouver Island Canada.
As a self-described “Professional Fish Enthusiast” Tiare loves all things cold water and marine. She completed her Masters in Coastal and Marine Resource Management from the University of Akureyri in Iceland and has worked in the dive industry on liveaboards in Alaska, BC, and Mexico, as well as a dive guide at God’s Pocket (BC) for the last decade. Recently inducted as a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society (RCGS), in 2022 she was part of a team of experienced divers who participated in RCGS’s Great Island Expedition, a unique endeavour to document the historic shipwrecks, Second World War artifacts, and underwater landscapes of Newfoundland’s fiords. Working as a freelance photographer, videographer, and underwater assistant for production companies including BBC, Netflix and others, Tiare uses her images and experiences as inspiration for the underwater scenes she paints on her recycled marine debris art, capturing everything from nudibranchs to cetaceans. Tiare donates 10% of all her recycled buoy art sales to local marine charities working to make our Ocean a healthier and more resilient place.  
Please visit https://www.tiareboyes.com/ to see more of Tiare’s work. Tiare chose to support the Canadian Ocean Literacy Coalition from sales of her scarves.

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