Stephen DesRoches

Prince Edward Island


Keeping photography fun is an exciting task for Stephen. He enjoys the endless resources of information and the fact that there is much to learn without feeling too much pressure or expectation. The idea of recording the world onto single frames is an exercise for him that forces a closer look at light, colours and shapes. Either at home on quiet Price Edward Island or on the occasional travel to larger destinations, carrying a camera in hand has become as common as carrying identification for Stephen. Stephen’s desire to become better is stronger than ever, but at the end of each day he feels it’s still all about having fun too. 

For the past 16 years, Stephen has had the great opportunity to live the life of a full-time artist through a mix of both photography and design. He likes how the mix between design and photography complement each other nicely. 

Please visit to see more of Stephen’s work.

Stephen has chosen to support Nature Conservancy of Canada.