Peter Mather



I was inspired to delve into photography when I was at University in 1994. I was mesmerized by Ken Madsen's touring Yukon Wildlands slideshow and I was inspired by the beauty of the Yukon and the fight to protect some of its key wilderness areas. After the show, I began tinkering with cameras and have been ever since.

Photography gives me the opportunity to capture a unique moment in time. I love it because a single image can tell a story, inform, and inspire. I think of every image as a memory. 

My photography is a combination of photojournalism and fine art. I hope to inspire people to explore outdoors and to preserve our wildlife and our wildlands. I essentially have pursued a career as a photojournalist since 2013.

​Please visit to see more of Peter's work.

Peter has chosen to support the Yukon Conservation Society.