Kemp Edwards

Kemp Edwards is the president of Ethical Profiling Ltd., a Canadian based company who consults, designs, produces and sources high performance, ethical, sustainable products for the corporate sector.

Ethical profiling works directly with domestic and international suppliers and manufacturers to ensure social and environmental compliancy and to create ways to minimize environmental impact through innovative product design and production methods.

Kemp is an avid ocean and snow sport enthusiast who has spent many years of his life travelling internationally. He is always looking for ways to generate awareness and revenue for causes and organizations he believes in. In Focus is Kemp's newest iteration on his path of "giving back".

The scarves in Kemp's collection are a product of his own photography and were originally intended as samples for proving out the InFocus concept. Due to overwhelming demand for the featured images, we've taken some straight through to production.
Please visit  to see more of Kemp’s work. He has chosen to support the Vancouver Food Bank (