Kas Stone

Nova Scotia


I spent my formative years on the Atlantic coast in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.  This sparked a passion for wild coastal scenery and moody weather that has sustained my spirit and inspired my photography ever since. The appeal is partly aesthetic, but also deeply rooted in my love of the outdoors and my interest in geology and the natural environment.

After a 20-year stint 'learning the ropes' in Toronto, I moved back east in 2013 and now make my home in the seaside community of Dublin Shore in Nova Scotia's Lunenburg County, where I run a studio gallery and lead workshops in photography and digital imaging.

My photographs have evolved from their documentary roots -- as illustrations for my writings -- to more expressive and personal imagery that ranges from sweeping vistas to intimate portraits of the smaller landscapes beneath our feet. I once regarded Photoshop as a necessary evil; now I embrace it as a creative tool and use it to transform the camera's raw materials into works of photographic art. The resulting style often leaves viewers wondering: Is this a photograph, or a painting? -- a question that always delights me!

Please visit www.kasstone.ca to see more of Kas’ work.

Kas has chosen to support Nova Scotia Nature Trust.