Gah Ghin Skuss

Haida Artist


Before Gah Ghin Skuss was born, his Grandmother told his mother that Gah Ghin Skuss was destined to become a Haida carver – a prophecy that Gah Ghin Skuss develops and fulfills on a daily basis.

At eighteen years old, he felt inspired by the culture of his ancestors and began to study the great Haida totems of argillite and cedar. He felt compelled to capture the traditional spirit of his culture through the development of his own art. With some guidance from his uncle, Doug Wilson (carver and author), he learned to seek out the simple, smooth flowing style of the Haida, while at the same time developing his own personalized style of intricate, meticulous, integrated artwork.

Aspects of his Haida culture are incorporated into carvings in argillite, ivory, red and yellow cedar, boxes, bowls, doors, plaques, limited edition silkscreen prints, engraved silver and gold jewelry and, most recently, monumental size totem poles for international events. 

Gah Ghin Skuss continues to learn by exploring the history of Haida culture guided by the Great Spirit, his ancestors and the land. 

“The great spirit has breathed art into my soul to carry throughout the world the dreams, wants and desires of my people, so we may continue to strive for peace, love and happiness for all.”

Gah Ghin Skuss has chosen to support Skidgate Elders.