Clare Hodgetts


Clare Hodgetts is an entrepreneur and photographer who is inspired to bring art to people through new and innovative mediums that showcase the work of outstanding photographers. This vision led her to co-found InFocus Canada with Kemp Edwards – a project that raises money for charity through the sale of premium scarves made of recycled material showcasing images from professional photographers.

Clare has spent many years travelling the world working mainly with birds – from nine trips to the High Arctic of Canada to ventures to the southern tip of South America, as well as Iceland, Central America, Southeast Asia and India. The varied landscapes and wildlife, as well as different cultures and people, all provide inspiration for her work. Her environmental work includes research for Environment Canada studying the effects of pesticides on wildlife. Clare has a diploma in Photojournalism from the Western Academy of Photography in Victoria, BC. She also managed a team of 25 photographers for Coast Mountain Photography in Whistler, gaining much experience in portrait and action photography, and has published a variety of photojournalism articles for different organizations.

The current Athena Collection of scarves represents the culmination and fusion of Clare’s interests in people, wildlife and landscapes, and brings together the best work of many of North America’s most distinguished photographers to produce a collection of wearable art.

Please visit to see more of her work. Clare has chosen to support the Canadian Wildlife Federation (
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