"Tulip Mania", Ontario (Seconds) - Michelle Valberg

"Tulip Mania", Ontario (Seconds) - Michelle Valberg

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Size:  183cm x 85cm (72in x 33.5in)

"Following the Second World War, the Dutch gave the gift of tulips to Canada as a symbol of international friendship and peace.  Canadian troops played a significant role in the liberation of the Netherlands and Europe.  As well, the Dutch Princess Margriet was born in Ottawa in 1943, - the only royal personage ever born in Canada.

Every spring, I look forward to photographing the stunning tulip blooms in their sweeping beds across my beloved city.   The largest tulip festival in the world never disappoints and the photographic opportunities are endless.  They symbolize what we all need more of - friendship and peace." 

Each scarf is produced from a custom milled fabric made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and diverts 3 bottles from the waste stream. They are soft and flowy and feel beautiful around your neck. Only 200 scarves have been produced in this print. All scarves are sustainably produced and are developed and manufactured employing the highest ethical production standards.

10% of the sale price of each of Michelle's 'Tulip Mania' scarves is donated to the Nature Foundation