Mike Monaghan



It was a love of wilderness canoeing and the Canadian Shield landscape that prompted Ontario-based photographer Mike Monaghan to pick up a camera over twenty years ago.  Since then, capturing the rugged beauty of the North, and the spirit of remote canoe and kayak travel through the lens has proven to be a natural compliment to his adventures.
“I’ve had the good fortune to spend quite a bit of time in different parts of this country, from the west coast to the east.  I love it all - the landscapes, the cultural differences, the freedom and open space.  If I had to narrow it down though, it’s safe to say that my heart belongs in Northern Ontario.  I’ve been canoeing my entire life, and for a canoeist, Ontario pretty much has it all - nearly a quarter of a million lakes, countless rivers of all description, as well as big water experiences like Lake Superior and Georgian Bay.  A paddler’s dream.”

Please visit www.mikemonaghan.ca to see more of Mike’s work.

Mike has chosen to support Project Canoe.