"Seabound Coast", Nova Scotia (Seconds) - Kas Stone
"Seabound Coast", Nova Scotia (Seconds) - Kas Stone

"Seabound Coast", Nova Scotia (Seconds) - Kas Stone

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Size: 195cm x 100cm (77in x 39in)

The location of this image is Rissers Beach, Lunenburg County NS.

"The title of this photograph comes from the lyrics of a popular folk song: "Farewell to Nova Scotia, the sea-bound coast..." and refers to the geographic and cultural reality of a province that is nearly surrounded by the sea. I live just a few minutes down the road from one of Nova Scotia's popular seaside destinations, Rissers Beach, and I walk there every day, not only in summertime when the beach is a gentle, happy place, but also in winter when it is pummeled by fierce North Atlantic storms -- my favourite time, which is when this photograph was made."

The scarves are produced from 100% recycled plastic and divert 3 bottles from the waste stream. Only 100 scarves have been produced in this print. All scarves are developed and manufactured employing the highest ethical production standards. 

10% of the sale price of Kas's scarves is donated to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust.