"Melting Glacier Iceland" (Seconds) - Deanne Fitzmaurice – InFocus Canada
"Melting Glacier Iceland" (Seconds) - Deanne Fitzmaurice
"Melting Glacier Iceland" (Seconds) - Deanne Fitzmaurice

"Melting Glacier Iceland" (Seconds) - Deanne Fitzmaurice

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Size: 195cm x 100cm (77in x 39in)

"At this moment, while photographing the pristine country of Iceland, I watched in real-time as the glaciers melted, creating all these little rivers flowing into the sea. This image represents to me the enormity and immediacy of the threat and the work we have to do to reverse climate change."

Each scarf is produced from a custom milled fabric made from 100% recycled plastic and diverts 3 bottles from the waste stream. They are soft and flowy and feel beautiful around your neck. Only 200 scarves have been produced in this print as part of a First Edition. All scarves are sustainably produced and are developed and manufactured employing the highest ethical production standards.

10% of the sale price of each of Deanne's 'Melting Glacier Iceland' scarves is donated to Earthjustice